Friday, November 11, 2011

Migrating Existing .NET site to Umbraco

Hi Every one,

Its been long time since i have written any post item but today i am going to share a tip for users who want to Move an existing system to umbraco with minimal effort.

Benefits of this Practice:
1: You will have an admin section to manage out every content of the system including UI
2: If you are using any custom CMS it will work the same way as always.

1: Install Umbraco. [share me a comment if you need any help]
2: You Existing site with code.

Steps to follow:
1: Take a backup of your existing site.
2: Copy Master Pages to umbraco masterpages folder.
3: Copy Script files to scripts folder.
4: Copy css files to css folder.
5: Now convert all the pages in the site to user controls, the process is simple.
i: Rename the file extension from .aspx to .ascx
ii: If its a web application then go to designer and change the class name as well.
6: copy all the newly created user controls to usercontrol folder in umbraco directory.
7: run the site and go to yourdomain/umbraco/login.aspx and login to the admin site.
8: Go to the developer tab and add every control in macro section don't forget to Tick [Use in editor] property. [and you are half way there :)]
9: You will find your master pages in settings section under master pages; if you don't you can add them with same name over here.
10: In the same setting section Create a new document type and set its template to any one of the master pages.
11: Create a separate document type for each masterpage
12: In the Dcoument Type goto generic properties Tab and create a property for each content section of master page and set the type of property to rich text editor.
13: Now go back to template where you have created master pages and replace all the content Areas with Umbraco page field name, you will find the Properties you just created in that list. Simply add them.
14: Go to the content section add new content pages by selecting respective master page template for each.
15: you will find a Rick text editor in each content area.
16: Add a Macro to that content area. [And you are done]

This Is the most simple way to migrate any site in umbraco; if you need any help just let me know ill respond to your comments immediately.

Happy Coding. :)


Kv Pratap said...

I was trying these steps with my other CMS site and am confused with step 9. I do not see a MasterPAges in my settings. Can you elaborate on how to add them?

Usman Shabbir said...

Have you Got Master pages Folder in you site ? if yes then add empty master page there or do it form umbraco admin

shrimati narayan said...

Good one shabbir!

Shafeek K said...

Dear Shabbir,
I am new to Umbraco..I wish to know,If I have created a website,How client can edit the content....? Is umbraco provides an admin panel for them? How it possible to edit text contents from home page itself as shown in templates..? Please Help me..

Usman Shabbir said...

yes Shafeek, there is an admin pannel from where all the content can be managed.

Riyaz Ansari said...
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